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Willamette Valley Vineyard Wedding :: Allen and Krista

McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0183Abounding in sparkles and fun, this Willamette Valley Vineyard Wedding was such a joy to be a part of.  Working with an amazing couple is always such a treat but when you add to that a great wedding party it’s just pure fun!!  The kind of fun where you feel like you are cheating the world somehow to get to call this task a job.  Thank you Allen and Krista for such an amazing day of love and laughter.  xoxo Xiomara

Enjoy a few of my favorite moments and sparkle filled details!

McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0141McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0147McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0145McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0155McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0148McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0181McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0168McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0146McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0149McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0167McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0150McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0152McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0169McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0178McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0153McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0170McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0163McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0174McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0161McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0171McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0160McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0162McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0157McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0179McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0177McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0159McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0185McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0156McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0164McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0165McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0182McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0173McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0166McMinnville Vineyard Wedding_0151

Many thanks to the following vendors:

Venue: Hauer of the Dauen Winery
Wedding Coordinators: Stargazer Weddings & Events
Hair Stylist: Kelley Ross
Make-up Artist: Sandi Jarquin
Gown Designer: David Tutera
Officiant: Sage Creative
Rentals: Special Occasions Parties & Events
DJ: Heath Honeycutt- DJ and Master of Ceremonies
Bridal: Simply Grand Salem by Aaron Michael
Cake: Gerry Frank’s Konditorei


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