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When life is heavy and raw

I’ve sat down at my desk a handful of times attempting to genuinely  express my heart.

Scribbled out honest thoughts.  Typed out words that just didn’t seem sufficient.  Didn’t seem….. enough.

I still sit here, unable to pen and document life.  Raw. True.  unscripted- wild and deep-  Heavy with emotion.

I turn to Him who needs no words from my lips to fully comprehend my heart. He bids me to come.

Raw. True. Wild and deep.  Honest I come to him and I find His arms are open wide to me.

He takes me in, hears my soul without a word being uttered.

He comforts and in His presence I am reminded of His goodness.  His promises.

And there, there is where I finally find words.

Words of hope and words of strength.

I am reminded of the Psalmist and how he gained his strength constantly when he approached God in his honesty.  Raw.  Emotional.  Our God can take it my friend!!

When my heart is overwhelmed

Oh He is good my friend.  So good and kind.  We call this thing that God offers us grace:: Undeserved kindness.  I pray that if you ever find yourself with your shoulders weighed down with life and heavy with emotion you would turn to these kind arms that also bid you to come.  Raw. Wild. Honest….. whatever your state- His arms will still stretch out wide for you, just like they did on that wooded cross.


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