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to travel my world

“The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time.” — T. S. Eliot.

I packed my bags. With each outfit, each photo lens and battery, the anticipation growing. One item after the other I found my excitement increasing with the expansion of my suitcase.  Carrying my bags through one airport followed by the next, joy filling my soul.  Seeking inspiration, motivation, and guidance on this crazy field.  {and yeah, the palm trees don’t hurt either!}


If you were to ask me a few months ago why I needed this trip I would have told you that  I needed community to find my inspiration, my motivation and all the guidance as I walk this competitive field.  As an artist who needs to be inspired after a long season of work, I felt I needed the adventure of United.  To gather with hundreds of talented artists.  To photograph every shoot available.  To listen to everyone’s workflow method.  Every marketing idea.  Every way in which to shoot. To soak in the california sun and let it soak, creating in me goals and vision…. Last year, it brought inspiration after all!

After four days of sessions, shoots and many conversations, I find myself today with my eyes fully open, and my heart convicted that I was seeking all of these things in the wrong places. Don’t get me wrong United was a GREAT conference….just not what I needed at this time in my life.  This week away I found that my community, my motivation, my inspiration and support was right beneath my feet all along….. First in the ever faithful arms of Christ and then in the loving arms of those he has graciously gifted me with- and more importantly entrusted me with!

Today I long to say goodbye to the palm trees.  And dare I say, the california sun.  Today I long for home.



What a warmth I feel today saying that word out loud.  Not because I’m still in the california sun but rather because I know the love that awaits there.


Where my community lies.


Where I find daily inspiration as I look at those wonder filled eyes.

Home, where he and I walk hand in hand.  Never feeling alone.

The other day I fell in love with this song. I loved the sound of it.  I contemplated the lyrics.  I hummed the tune, never once thinking they applied to me!  Never once thinking that the Lord would use it to speak to my wandering heart when I found I most needed to be reminded of my purpose.  I realize fully now where my adventure and purpose lies and for that I will forever be thankful for United 2014.

Today I’m so thankful that the Lord uses everything and anything to guide.  What first appeared to be a business trip, he turned into a heart trip.  This time clearly showed me that this is where I belong.  Right in the middle of my three loves and treasures.  There is nothing out there that can inspire more, motivate me more as an artist, as a beauty seeker, nothing… just these three.  There is nothing else I need to feel fulfilled but them and my sweet Jesus.  And for that reminder, I thank you United.




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