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Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding:: Coos Bay Oregon Wedding:: Alex and Kim

We have been busy-busy here with wedding season and the normal small business shananigans–  and all the fun summer time activities thrown in the mix!  Let’s just say we are happy campers this summer soaking in the sun and the blessings each day brings with work and life.   As the sun shines down on our family throughout, the only downside is my lack of time to update you on the sessions and weddings we have been working on but I am delighted to be able to share this very special and very beautifully styled destination wedding!  I hope it was worth the wait!!

Alex and Kim…… oh where to begin with these two.  Genuine.  Joyful. Downright hilarious – those are some of the first words that come to mind with these two.  The main goal for their wedding was having a genuine day among the many people they love- oh and can I just say how lovely these people were?!  Seriously everyone I encountered just radiated happiness and a sincere joyfulness to be witnesses of Alex and Kim’s commitment to one another on this special day.  I think it’s safe to say this wedding was one I will not soon forget! Here are a few of my favorite images and favorite moments.

Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0003

To begin with this venue…. heavenly.  Beautiful views, gorgeous barn and all that Oregon green… my favs!!  This ought to be one of the top 10 Farm Venues in Oregon let me just say!  And the llamas…. well they just added to the effect! ;)

Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0002Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0009Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0007Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0014Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0008Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0006

The day was full of beautiful details but more importantly it was sprinkled with beautiful moments.  From the moments of first getting ready with her closest friends to shared tears with her mother as she expressed both in words and actions how much she honors and treasures her strength and the example she has set for her and her sister……. Such a special moment for a mother.  I must say that the bond Kim has with her family is unique.  Never have I witnessed such a strong healthy bond.  I would say Kim is a blessed woman not just because of this bond but also because of the example her parents have set for her and her sister.  I later saw Kim’s parents on the dance floor and my first thought was I pray Josh and I dance that tenderly when our kiddos walk down the isle…. but enough with the tears, or maybe not because…….Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0004

We were all in puddles after this gift exchange, only to move onto the rest of the day and continuing on with happy tears again and again. And again I tell ya!  Kim really should have prepped me to have tissues handy! ;)

Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0005Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0010Alex and Kim took some time to pause and reflect on their journey leading them to this moment.  A mossy Old growth deep with roots made the perfect backdrop to this sweet exchange.
Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0043Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0042Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0030

Oh this barn…… I couldn’t get enough of it (did I mention how much I loved this venue!) :)Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0029Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0031

Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0038

These ladies are FUN, classy and have some killer dance moves y’all and those gentlemen…. well, we will just say that they can keep up too! Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0041Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0040Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0039Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0037Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0020Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0019Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0018

And that moment her daddy led her to the isle, pausing as he took her hand and looking at her as proud as ever as she embarks on becoming a wife.  Have I mentioned we cried. A lot?
Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0051Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0016Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0017Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0054Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0053Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0034Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0023Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0024Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0013Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0012

The toasts were probably some of my favorite moments.  I feel like these few words tell so much about the couple and who they are as people.  From enduring the Olympic trials to traveling to the world, a Rome proposal, they are as humble as can be.  Although both are brilliant #FutureDrsDonald who will no doubt change the world for the better with similar ambitions and drive these two are also genuinely caring, thoughtful individuals who know that life is not to be taken for granted.  I overheard a guest say something to the effect of how their upbringing shows in the people they have turned out to be.  I wholeheartedly agree and say good job parents.  You have raised some pretty remarkable people, and I feel blessed to have been able to witness and document their love.  Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0035Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0036Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0046Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0025Palouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0033Alex and Kim, I have no words to fully express how thankful I am for you choosing me to capture your most amazing day– From the first Skype date on you have been dream clients and I am only saddened that this part of the journey is over but I also rejoice with you and cannot wait to see you both flourish as #FutureDrsDonald!!  All the best to you both xoxo XiomaraPalouse Creek Ranch Wedding in Oregon_0027

Special thanks to:

Venue: Palouse Creek Ranch
Hair and Makeup: The Beauty Bar Salon
Accommodations: The Mill
Catering: Elkhorn BBQ & Food Trucks
Photo Booth: Zoom
DJ: MG Studio NW


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