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pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0021Pacific University was the backdrop, two undergrads with goals and focus. Both with a zest for life, wishing to live it to the fullest, loving the outdoors and all things adventure. She, outgoing and a cookie lover.  He, enamored with her from the start even though she snatched all the cookies (inside joke). She is the kind of person you just fall in love with immediately. So kind, fun loving with a ridiculously contagious smile.  She loves love stories (My kind of girl) and in fact calls February Valentines Day Month.  Need I say more. I kind of like her and am so excited to capture her and Wes’ love story!! pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0053

pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0050pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0045pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0043pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0042One of Sarah’s favorite love stories is The Princess Bride. When she met Wes, Sarah was so excited- a real life Wesley right in front of her eyes!! They became fast friends and with shared interests their friendship flourished.  Two years down the road Wes began repeatley replying to Sarah’s requests with “as you wish”.  At first she thought it was cute but she quickly became annoyed thinking Wes didn’t know the meaning behind those words.  He eventually said it so much so that it drove her a bit crazy and she finally asked him to stop. She imagined he had no idea what Wesley was really saying to his Princess was a genuine I love you and gave Wes that as the reason to stop replying in that same way! Wes never did stop replying in the same manner. And Sarah has never stopped smiling since I believe.
pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0031pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0032pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0036pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0055I loved that they brought along some unique pieces to their session. A frame that holds many of their firsts together- and I love the First Race, did I mention they are both crazy good runners? Wes ran through college and Sarah decided to join along as a good way to spend time together. They brought along their running shoes and of course we had to do some fun running shots.  But all the details aside this ring stops me on my tracks.  I mean, really, pink sapphire….. deliciousness!pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0054pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0057pacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0026

Seriously Friends, the time Josh and I spent with these two during their engagement session was magical. What you see in these photos are genuine moments- not posed perfection. Rather Wes and Sarah were comfortable in front of the camera and just let their love shine forth. And it’s sure lovely.  Thank you so much for hanging with Josh and I and braving the cold Oregon Coast you two.  I am so delighted to be your photographer!! xoxo Xiomarapacific-city-photographers-wedding-photographers-on-the-oregon-coast-beach-engagement-photos-oregon-engagement-and-weddings_0017

  • Kathleen Tomscha - I love the pictures of Sarah and Wes!!! Sarah, my niece looks so beautiful, happy, and in love!
    Thank you so MUCH!!!!ReplyCancel

    • Xiomara - Oh thanks so much Kathleen! I cannot wait for the wedding!!!ReplyCancel

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