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Oregon Coast Wedding Photographer:: Finding balance as a Wedding Photographer

Wedding season 2016 began with a bang with a sweet church wedding in which we got to photograph all in downtown Portland (stay tuned for a recap)…… and we rolled right into spring time portraits, new babies being born, Watch Me Grow baby sessions, Easter, followed by a couple’s seminar and yearly events to plan at church……and of course state testing for the kids on the homeschool front.

I sat here this morning at my desk catching up on emails after being in Salem the last two days at the state testing site; trying to make sure all the balls are up in the air and not one getting dropped. That requires a new schedule for me. One that I never envisioned myself being a fan of! A friend of mine has been doing it for years as she too holds 3 different jobs while being a small business owner AND mother and wife so I thought I’d give it a try.  With ministry work, homeschooling and running the studio I felt it was about time for a change.

4:00am alarm goes off. I walk into the bathroom that is adjacent to our master bedroom and quickly shut the door so Josh doesn’t stir. Inside I find my running clothes that I laid out the night before. After readying myself I head out to the treadmill, going by the kitchen I make sure to start the coffee pot that Josh set out for me the night before. Being that I’m training for a marathon, something I choose to do just for me, I might be out anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half on the treadmill. This time allows me to listen to sermons and good Bible teaching before getting ready for the day and whatever needs are waiting for me mapped out on my to do list.

This new schedule is a lifestyles change for a night-owl girl like myself but it ensures that I meet my training plan, something that is important to me- and that I can get my work done in the morning hours so that I can be available to the kids for school and my new favorite hobby; taxing them to their lessons and events, things that are at the top of my priority list.

You see one thing I’ve learned is this: you make time for the things you find important. Sure, I could sleep in or work late into the night editing or checking on the kids’ work but then I would feel sooooo ridiculously overwhelmed daily trying to be momma bear and business owner- not to mention the fact that it’s just not healthy to be up till 3am editing!  Now that I’ve been doing this for awhile I wish I would have started much sooner. Sure,  I now have to say no to late nights and evening socializing, something which seems much harder for me to turn down then I realized, I also have to be very intentional about my boundaries and keeping to our schedule but the reward of finding a good balance for our family’s needs and the tasks at church and work are worth every little bit of effort I can muster. And this is pleasing.

I leave you with a recent capture of Downtown Portland and Pioneer Courthouse Square from our hotel room at The Nines, our anniversary trip- hopefully I can prioritize blogging that soon! :)

Downtown Portland Oregon: Pioneer Courthouse Square: The Nines Hotel


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