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Oregon Coast Getaway Winner Announced

What a weekend.  First the snow that got in the way of us celebrating our anniversary properly… that’s okay, Josh promised another date night at my favoritest fanciest {you known the kind that requires a little black dress} restaurant in town for another night.  I’ll hold him to it! Then of course we had some rearranging of schedules, again, due to the lovely snow!  At least the kiddos enjoyed that igloo they made!

So today here I sit with a to do list as long as the mississippi…. I have no idea how long the mississippi is but I can only imagine it’s as long as this momma/pastor’s wife/ entrepreneur’s to do list y’all.  So today I am needing some words of encouragement.  I went straight to source of all things encouraging… PINTEREST!  {if you know me, you know I’m totally kidding and know where real encouragement comes from!} but, I digress……. I found all sorts of quotes on pinterest but none that ‘hit the spot’ you know? So here you go, this one is for you.  And for me. For when the to do list is miles long, and you only got 4 hours of sleep, and you have hundreds of unanswered emails, and the kids need to make homemade valentines, and someone ought to get to that laundry pile and …..  that dreaded dinner!Thankfulness


Deep breath friend.  Today holds so much.  The potential is there.  You just have to breath.  And look for the good.  It’s always there.  One of my favorite things to say in our home is ‘there is always, always, always something to be thankful for’.  And there is friends.  Those words of thankfulness for all the little things can sometimes be so hard to focus on when we are on the treadmill of life.   So today, these are words I am speaking to myself.  I hope you are encouraged too.

Of course for one of our followers we get to make her day, not just with a little inspiration but with a NIGHT AWAY…. I’m wondering why I didn’t enter the contest right about now!  So without much more ramblings that I get so good at, winner……. come on dooooooowwwwn (you heard the Bob Barker voice too, right?!)

SHARLA  SMITH, you ought to have an email in your inbox with all the details!  Can’t wait for you to enjoy your night on the beautiful Coast!!

And for the rest of you, don’t loose heart, if you have been with me for awhile you know that this girl loves a good giveaway and there are more where this came from!! From time to time Josh and I will randomly decide to do giveaways but we only hold those on the monthly newsletters so if you aren’t already signed up be sure to  sign up HERE!  And again, thank you SO MUCH for joining us in this new journey!  We are so grateful to have you here walking side by side with us.

With love and appreciation   ~Xiomara


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  • Sharla Smith - I am SO EXCITED~!~Thank You~!~Thank You~!~Thank You~!~
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