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Maternity Photos in Pacific City Oregon :: Brian and Kayla

Pacific City Maternity Pictures on the Oregon Coast_0282I remember photographing Brian and his single siblings on the back of their dad’s pickup out on their Tillamook Farm.  I had been documenting their family for some time when it became a joke and tradition for the single children in the Jenck home to be photographed on the pickup. They would loudly tell the others that they (and their spouses) were not welcomed on their untra-cool shot.  Well, some time went by and slowly each one left the truck…..  since then I’ve had the HUGE pleasure to document their love on each of their wedding days. And so it was with Brian and Kayla.

When you are a wedding photographer you find yourself in a unique position, being allowed in on one of the most important day of a family’s life.  I am so grateful that this family has allowed me into each of their weddings since I moved here almost eight years ago.  And now Brian and Kayla are more like dear friends as I watched Brian go from being single to falling madly in love with this gorgeous ballerina.  I remember all too well how on their engagement session he laughing it up like I hadn’t seen him before as he twirled her around and around and she danced in his love…..  Then on their wedding day they did a killer first dance to “you’re the one that I want” – totally choreographed like in Grease and again that love sparked…… yeah I get all sentimental and dorky like ….. Oh just you wait until their baby comes along.  I’ll be a puddle, I’m sure.

Brian and Kayla.  Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to describe how grateful I feel to have the honor of documenting your biggest days.  I am so happy you agreed to step in front of the camera and show off your beauty Kayla and I cannot wait to meet your little love and show off his!!  Soon, soon!! xoxo Xiomara

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