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My Favorite Love Story: Josh + Xiomara

Welcome to our new blog.  Our space to be creative and ‘let loose’ in featuring our favorite work, or life or simply just things we enjoy. The old blog is still alive but I’ll explain why it’s simply in archival mode.  While we had our old blog active, we quickly realized we could not possibly keep up with the demands that we set when we first launched the blog.  To feature each photo session is simply unrealistic in this point of our business, and so that quickly discouraged me from blogging all together because I didn’t want anyone to be left out.

After taking some time off to reflect and search out what brought me joy, we quickly learned that a blog is really a place for US.  A place for our voice to be heard, our vision to be seen, the things that ignite passion voiced out and our joys shared. Wanting a fresh start with the way I blog and the reason I blog, we decided to hire a wonderful designer to make a new blog home.  One that I loved, and wanted to work with!  So with that, welcome to the new and improved blog.  Here you will not always see every session or wedding, but you will get the full heartbeat of Imago Dei Photography- promise! Our goal is to share life not just events with you, so please feel free to join the conversation and share in community with us…… And let me just say a huge thank you in advance for joining us in conversation, joining our journey, following along with our growth and changes.

We decided to launch the blog on a very special day to us: Today we celebrate 15 years of marriage.  15 years…… So much happens in this span of time.  It’s hard to put into words the life lived, the lessons learned, the joys, the lows, but most importantly the love that grew.  Even when we thought it couldn’t possibly grow further, it does.

From newly weds who ran around the college campus with squirt guns to new parents who learned to drink coffee because of sleep deprivation (we will forever be grateful to you for this Jesse!) to life challenges and triumphs. Life has been richer as we held hands through each challenge and phase.  Not that we have “arrived” by any means.  I love seeing older couples at restaurants, at grocery stores…he pushing the cart, she with the list and slowly they make their way through life together.  Years and years later still doing the mundane, the routine.  Because it’s in the routine that we live and it’s in the routine that we love.  And somehow our love grows amidst the boring routine.  Our goal is to be like those older, wiser, well lived, well loved couples.

Today we were to celebrate with a quiet dinner but due to the snow that has fallen here on the Oregon Coast and Josh feeling under the weather himself we will stay home and stay warm….  And getting out our wedding album.  Looking through it and remembering the day that we began our family.  Our legacy.  One of my favorite wedding images is the first time we saw each other on our wedding day.  You have to remember in 1999 a “first look” was not at all popular-yet!  But we really valued our photos and wanted to be sure we had plenty of them to remember our day so we made the first look a priority.Oregon Coast Photographer Xiomara Gard

I feel this image tells our story so well.  Both shy kids- and we were kids! Standing in the sanctuary of Josh’s childhood church. Embarrassed in front of the photographer and yet so giddy to begin life.  I love our body language in this image.  It clearly tells the story of who we were at the time.  What you don’t see is that after this image was made we had time just for the two of us to talk and pray for our day and our life together.  So every anniversary I make sure I pull this image out and I remember.  And I try to soak in those precious moments and then I look forward to the next years of routine, for it is in the routine and mundane that love grows.

15 years is worth a big celebration so we will be taking some time off next month to celebrate appropriately but today we wish to celebrate with YOU!  In honor of our anniversary and our new blog we are giving away one of our favorite ways to do date night:  A little getaway! Enter below for a chance to win a One Night Oregon Coast getaway for two at the Looking Glass Inn and be sure to come back tomorrow to enter again!! Contest will run through Sunday night Feb. 9th, 2014.


Contest has been extended through Monday Night at 9pm.

Winner will be announced Tuesday Morning so be sure to come back and check the blog then!

Good luck everyone and thank you for your amazing turnout on this giveaway!!!!

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