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Hello 2016, goodbye 2015:: A look back, enjoying the everyday moments

Let’s face it. This blog gets dusty and rusty and downright abandoned. It’s been over a month since I last wrote (perhaps more) and it’s not because I have nothing to say, rather it’s because of all the living we’ve been doing.  I could look at the dust on the blog and be burdened by it, seeing it as a negative thing, however I don’t.  It’s a great thing! Living, my friend, is what life is about!

I hope to be more intentional with blogging in the new year but I also want to continue treasuring the real moments in life and not being so task oriented.  Yes, I said it.  The type A girl. The one who is at a constant running motion.  I don’t want to be task oriented. I wish to be less motivated by the to do list and more motivated by making connections and memories. Like these of this last few months with my loves and clients (note to self, take more selfies with clients cause they’re fun to look back through).
2015- A look back and enjoying the everyday small things

Today I thought about making some goals into 2016 but instead I found myself looking back.  Back to January and February. Months in which I was supposed to take it slow and yet I found myself working with such amazing people. Loving every moment of it, March came and went and suddenly wedding season came… and went.  Such great moments!!!

Buying a house, renovating a home studio space, schooling my kiddoss at home, leading worship at our church and doing countless other “mom duties”.  I look back and smile.  I know these days are counted and so instead of making to do lists, feeling bad about not blogging or adding more business goals and family resolutions (don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with these things- you go for it!!) I just personally closed my journal and placed my pen in it’s cute rustic holder at my desk.  I chose to look back instead. And smile.  Content.  And hopeful for tomorrow and the days we are gifted.  My advice is simple friend;
Be sure to look back.
Count your blessings.
Enjoy the little moments.
That’s what this living thing is about.
Not conquering the tasks but rather loving those all around.

Now excuse me while I go and do what I preach, but before I do I leave you with a peek at our own family session at Disneyland this year.  awwww that smile again, it’s back. What a wonderful year it’s been!!

A look back, enjoying the everyday small moments


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