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Faithful living

The day begins like any other.  Josh at my side being my alarm…. yeah, I’m that spoiled y’all.  I don’t hear annoying buzzes jerking me awake.  Rather I get cuddled awake.  Each and every morning.  This is the life…… And yet some days this simple, sweet life feels like not enough.  I have dreams and aspirations.  I have longings and passion.  And I also have lies spoken all around that say that my life should be about more.

Some days I listen to them.  I feel like I’m not doing enough ministry.  Not enough to train my children.  Not enough.

Some days I wake up strong. I wake up to truth and a remembrance that I live for more and that this more gives me a light yoke.  Not a burdensome one. I am made for a kingdom life that may be lived out in a quiet slow pace.  In the tiding of my home.  In the baking for little hands.  In the sitting with my husband listening and praying for him.  Some days I am awake to the reality that in my quiet and dying to self I can still shake mountains.  Simply by being faithful in the task that HE has set before me.

Why is it that bigger is better.  That busier is supreme.  That we have to hustle- That feet pounding hard on the hamster wheel working towards big dreams and big ambition is the picture that has been painted for years and years as normal and made to feel like this is “reality”.  This is not.  There is so much more going around our spiritual world.  When my gaze is so fixed on the hamster wheel I am easily distracted to the true reality I live in.  I wish to wake up to the quiet.  To the simple.  To the raging war that is spiritual warfare in my family, my church, my friendships.  To the battling for his glory in the small quiet ways.  To the dying of myself.  I wish to wake up to the doing of laundry yet again.  To the opening of scripture and the bowing of the head knowing that accomplishes much.  Here is to the simple.  To the faithful living.  May we pursue that more than we pursue any man made hamster wheel of glory.  And in doing so may we fully experience His glory all around us in our small quiet world.

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