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I remember it clearly.
My birthday. Also Senior Prom night.
You drove me into Canada for dinner. Held my hand through the dim street that night.
You chose my favorite greek place, where we were seated by the fire place.
I kept bugging you to give me my birthday gift. Teasing you as I always did- you smiling along as you always do.
I pushed a little harder. You patiently said later. Always patient, you. I pleaded a few more times, to which you finally gave in.
When I looked and saw the gift – what I knew could not possibly be a promise ring, as my friends had repeatedly suggested I was getting- I stood. Shocked.
What is this?! “Oh my gosh” was all that I could utter.
You sat me down, explained that this was for a lifetime and assured my scared heart that you could wait.
Even if it meant after college years- or later. You would love me. And wait.
I am so thankful you were gentle. I am so thankful you took a chance, asking when you knew the scared girl would flip out.
And I’m most thankful that we didn’t wait.
Thankful that we had support amidst the naysayers. 19 and 18, crazy they said. But God has been faithful and so kind to us!
The past 18 years have brought about the best days of my life.
Walking by your side has healed my heart and made me flourish and grow into the woman God created me to be.
Here is to more “crazy”, love. Time after time, I would pass up on sane for crazy with you for a lifetime!

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