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Community Over Competition

I’ve had this on my to do list for a few weeks now, wanting to wait for just the right time to sit and write. I wanted to be able to give this post the justice it deserves. Let’s face it, with what feels like a million tasks to do the perfectionistic girl in me is dying a slow (and at times painful) death and a new me is being reborn. Not one that does things half hearted but one that gives a lot more grace and understanding. One that realized things don’t have to be perfect so with that real beginning let me tell you what I’ve been up to…..
The Rising Tide Society, TuesdaysTogether, Tillamook Oregon, Tillamook County Small Businesses, Entrepreneur Groups in Oregon, Oregon Coast Creative BusinessA few months back I was mindlessly scrolling Instagram (tell me I’m not alone!) and I happened upon a hashtag that caught my interest.  #communityovercompetition. One post led to another, which led to another and another.  Before I knew it it had been 30+ minutes of double tapping image after image- not because of beautiful airy photos but rather the captions that told a deeper story. Here were these gifted entrepreneurs celebrating other gifted entrepreneurs….. say what?!! I was floored. And inspired.  I’ve longed for this kind of mentality. The kind that stretches arms wide open and says, let’s be friends. Like really. Leaving competitive cut throat mentality at the door. Slamming it shut! The kind that builds others up instead of tearing others down in secret (which honestly is no secret y’all). The type of camaraderie that longs to genuinely build into people and treat them with the same kindness we teach our kids to give. Here was this community and I wanted to learn more so began following The Rising Tide Society on every social media platform. Yes, I became that stalker y’all. Over just a few days of following them I was sold. Drank the cool-aid!

I searched for my nearest TuesdaysTogether Chapter of The Rising Tide and joined thinking I could make the drive out to Portland- the closest chapter to The Oregon Coast.  Over time I realized that I simply didn’t have the time to drive out for one meeting. I couldn’t justify leaving my family and loosing valuable business work hours.  I began telling Josh how badly we needed this in Tillamook County.

Weeks went by and this feeling wouldn’t leave so I began to pray about it. It’s the way I make each decision. Josh joined me in prayer and we came to a decision that I could either wish this was something we could have in Tillamook or I could make it happen. I sent in my application to become a Leader and we prayed that if The Lord wanted me to use my time in this way He would open doors….. A week later I had an interview and the rest is history!  I am so passionate and so honored to be entrusted with our small TuesdaysTogether group here in Tillamook County. It’s a volunteer position which I am passionate about as I know community over competition is not just our motto as Rising Tide Society but rather it’s genuinely what we wish to instill in our small TuesdaysTogether chapters.

So what exactly is The Rising Tide Society and what is so great about it? Honestly I’ve written and rewritten, backspaced, backspaced and rewritten some more but THIS, this amazing video sums it up! It is my hope that this is the kind of community we are growing as a TuesdaysTogether Chapter in Tillamook.  And I am so excited to see creative and talented entrepreneurs come in and link hands, joining in purpose and will to make waves in Tillamook County!!

Stay tuned for the next blog post where I share some of the behind the scenes of some TuesdaysTogether meetings and the national Leaders Retreat I had the opportunity of attending this winter in San Francisco.  And if you are an entrepreneur local to Tillamook County be sure to leave a message below, I’d love to connect you to our chapter!!

The Rising Tide Society @Risingtidesociety on Instagram
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Video: Chelsey Diaz and Stephen Diaz of TréCreative @chels_diaz and @steezdiaz #trecreative on Instagram
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