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Chic Baby Shower Ideas

I love my role as Josh’s helpmate, village missionary and pastor’s wife. I may not be gifted with the traditional piano playing or bible teaching roles but I have been gifted in different ways. For one, I love one on one connecting. I don’t do large groups well but get me a cup of coffee and an hour to visit and I’m a great listener and prayer partner. Or give me a project to do and I will go to it with all my might. Being a wedding photographer and just a woman who really appreciates beauty I thrive at event planning and hosting. It has been such a blessing to both Josh and I and our entire church family to see new growth in the form of young families and babies recently at church. We decided to do a big Baby Shower to welcome these littles and I wanted it to be nice but also keeping to the church budget. Another challenge was to have the shower be very gender neutral and not so traditional pink and blue.  With the help of Becky, a wonderful sweet new friend and church member we tackled some adorable projects that brought this darling shower together. Imago Dei Photography, Baby Shower Decorations, Chic Baby Shower Ideas 61 Imago Dei Photography, Baby Shower Decorations, Chic Baby Shower Ideas_0021“About to pop” and glitter became our theme somewhat, although we really didn’t want to overuse the tag line.  We used it sparingly in popcorn filled burlap bags, as well as small soda cans wrapped in burlap. We finished these with glittery “about to pop” tags with rustic burlap cord for a cute and simple touch.

We also used a lot. A lot. of glitter….. Glittered candle holders and even some gold votive candles helped keep a cohesive feel while still being super affordable.

Something that we did that is not original whatsoever but really fit the feel of the event was to paint mason jars gold. These became the centerpieces filled with…. yes, yet another non original, overdone arrangement of baby’s breath. When working with a budget you have to make it work for you and I think this really worked well!

We used old crates, vintage suitcases and even some vintage books to style the gifts and food tables, which we again sparkled with touches of gold and baby’s breath.

White tablecloths, eggshell plates and glittered drinking cups completed the tables and it all looked fabulous if I do say so myself!1 Imago Dei Photography, Baby Shower Decorations, Chic Baby Shower Ideas_00221 Imago Dei Photography, Baby Shower Decorations, Chic Baby Shower Ideas_0020

As for food, we wanted to have a variety of light finger foods. We incorporated the color scheme in the table easily by having some gold colored wrapped candy in glass containers.  This gave some great color as well as giving people the much desired chocolate fix! Instead of a traditional cake we opted for darling cupcakes in shades of pink and cream topped with gold nonpareils. We finished those with cupcake toppers we had purchased from etsy. We presented ranch and veggies in goblets for a nice delicate touch and did the same for a bean dip in single serve containers topped with a few chips. When hosting, it’s all in the presentation!
The fruit kabobs were a hit but a lot of people really enjoyed the white cake and strawberry kabobs that were Becky’s specialty! And for drinks we made some delicious infused water that is my go to as it’s safe enough for diabetics and people with special diets. In fact we had plain fruit and plain vegetables available so that we had some friendly options.

1 Imago Dei Photography, Baby Shower Decorations, Chic Baby Shower Ideas_0019
Imago Dei Photography, Baby Shower Decorations, Chic Baby Shower Ideas 7

All in all it was a beautiful event but more importantly it was an opportunity to love these new mommas and shower them with gifts yes, but also support as a church family. My hope as I host is that people are comfortable and feel loved and even a bit spoiled. God lavishes us with much love and I think it’s fitting that we do the same for each other.  xoxo Xiomara

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