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Being married to a pastor and Disney themed worship

This week Naomi and I had to make our way to Portland again for another doctor’s appointment.  Before we left we decided to download the new Frozen soundtrack, which made our two hour journey that much more enjoyable.  We belted out song after song.  Grabbing my iPhone, she choose the fifth song “let it go” and put it on repeat mode.  I believe it stayed on that mode- on that song-  for a good hour.  When we finally arrived at the doctor’s office and we stepped out of the car, we noticed we were a bit hoarse and busted up laughing.  She proudly expressed “we’re just disney freaks” and I thought to myself, that’s my girl! I loved our time alone and the fact she loves music as much as I do!

Today I awoke with a bad dream and turns out Josh had one of his own.  As he retold me how it unfolded I couldn’t help but laugh- and feel bad for him. In this new season in life I have taken on the role of worship leader at our church.  I feel bad for my pastor husband. Here he has this outgoing wife that fits into this great momma and entrepreneur role and the Lord decides to give her one more task- and this time it’s invading his work space a bit more than what he has been used to…. let’s just say that last Sunday when my verbal introduction to one song went a bit over 4 minutes (I was keeping it brief y’all) I could see that look in his eye of concern and “what else is she going to say” in his eyes.  We came home and talked about it and he apologized, explaining that he is learning right along with me how this new role is to work for the both of us.

I think it’s this transition and our work colliding that has so obviously upset his sleep cycle.  Turns out, in his dreams he is imagining that I will bring in Disney characters and cast members – in full Disney ensemble, to the church stage.  Where I will then go on to speak (preferable under 4 minutes) about a wonderful song that I would love the congregation to hear….. It is at this point that -remember this is still in his dream nightmare- that we break out in “Let it go”.  Josh went on to tell me that after the performance the Disney characters left church but the cast members joined us for the remainder of the service. Where he had to then preach following that fiasco…..

All in all, I think we both are learning to laugh at challenges and keep things light.  We must remember this is simply another stage of life. As we each go from one responsibility to the next, I’m so thankful that we have the ability and flexibility to make time- even if it’s just a half hour coffee date to check in on how we are doing.  And I’m so thankful that we both work on open communication so that in whatever transition, we remain connected. A unified team.  Sure, we could look at all the challenges and the time commitments in a negative light but we choose to see the opportunities the Lord has granted us… after all, who else gets to work with the love of their life so closely. Talk about winning the marriage lottery!! :)Today I choose to be thankful quote // Chalkboard Designs // Portrait & Wedding Photographer | Imago Dei Photography | Xiomara Gard


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