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Be still my soul

The day began like any ordinary day.  Sure, it was the last day of summer but being back from vacation and getting ready for our fall season at church and studio, it really was just an ordinary day.

A consultation.

A few errands to run.

The normal household task that needed to be done.

Dinner to be made.

At the end of the day I found myself physically trembling as I prepped the dinner spread.  “I’ve had too much coffee” was my first thought.  But, no.  I really hadn’t.  “I didn’t drink enough water?”……  No, I had my fill.  After trying to figure out if it was something I ate or something I didn’t, finally I found myself coming to terms with the reality that this was a spiritual battle inside.  Fear taking over.  Throughout the day I’d ran through the long list of fall activities ahead.  Of all the duties and obligations that I have coming ahead.  The huge responsibilities that weight. And the changes that I’ve been looking forward to but still very much afraid of.  I found my heart racing and my prayers came a bit slower.  I put the dinner aside.  There are times when everything can wait.  Nothing is as urgent as reaching out for the real life source.  I reached for words that I knew my soul needed.

I don’t know if you have ever been paralyzed with fear.  Or physically shaken by change.  I trust I’m not alone on this road of mothering and caring with a heart so heavy and the load being more than I can carry on my own from day to day.  In times like these I am reminded that more than a to do list and a well planned month, week, day what my soul most needs is his gentle words of peace washing over me in order to handle the tasks at hand.  That’s what we all need.  After all, Satan will try to overwhelm.  Will try to whisper “failure” loud and consistent.  If I allow him to take over my mind, the trembling will ensue.  The anxiety will build.  But if I hold on to truth that the task before me was laid out before I even imagined it.  That the load is not one I carry alone.  That I am equipped for every good work set out before me.  If I hold on to the truth that in all things he is working and has not {will not} forsake me.  Then peace.  Glorious peace washes away the weariness.  The load is not as heavy and I begin to walk boldly in humble confidence that HE is at work in my hands and feet and amidst the daily planner.

I can then softly sing as my soul expresses, “I will trust in you and not be shaken.  Lord of peace, renew a steadfast spirit within me.  To rest in You alone“.  Cannon Beach // Haystack Rock // Oregon Coast Photographer | Imago Dei Photography | Xiomara Gard




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